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Fitness meditation - the method of calming and deep relaxation, for which no previous preparation or abilities are required.

Only a desire to receive an effective and safe instrument to get rid of fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Working everywhere and all the time.

Just imagine- 1 hour of fitness meditation can replace 4 hours of good sleep.


Individuals with physically demanding or emotionally stressful jobs.

Anyone going through a period of intensive learning or heavy workloads.

Those experiencing stress, depressive states, low spirits, or a lack of energy.

Those who want to learn how to quickly restore mental and physical strength.


Learn to eliminate stress and psychoemotional tension.

You will understand that it is possible and necessary to control your state with your own mind, rather than relying on external influences.

Learn to control your breath, which is key to all internal processes.

Learn how to keep your mind and body healthy for the rest of your life

Gain control over your thoughts and emotions, and develop confidence that every situation can be resolved.

Learn quick relaxation and energy-recovery techniques for those times when you don't have the luxury of a full break.

Begin the exploration of fitness meditation today!

Fitness meditation doesn't require physical preparation; it's Sankalpa gymnastics: of willpower, consciousness, and subconscious mind.

This technique is suitable for both long-time meditation practitioners and beginners."

Even if you feel like you don't have any apparent issues, and especially if something is bothering you,

you will notice a difference in your state 'before' and 'after' right away!

Don't worry about your physical fitness or your level of experience with traditional meditation.

Fitness meditation is about working with your conscious and subconscious minds, and all you need is the desire to make a change and follow clear instructions.

How lessons are conducted

After making a payment for the course, you will receive a login and a password for your personal account, with audio lessons included.

To engage in the practice, all you need to do is listen to the lessons and follow the instructions provided in them.

Access to your personal account and lessons available at any time and on any device.

For an easier way to track your progress and the transformations happening to you, you can maintain a record in your personal account.

Where and when to practice fitness meditation?

In the morning and during your lunch break, you can activate your body to get the energy you need, and in the evening and at night, you can relax and ease into a state of rest and sleep.


Stress relief, overcoming depression, and apathy.

Accelerated healing and rehabilitation from injuries and illnessesa

Faster neural connections and significant memory improvement.

Unlocking your inner potential, gaining a sense of calmness and self-confidence.

Insomnia treatment without sleeping pills.

Increased energy potential, productivity, and learning ability.

Overcoming fears, phobias, and obsessive states, aiding in breaking harmful habits

Rejuvenation and overall health improvement, resulting in a rested and radiant appearance.


The process of fitness meditation typically begins with breath awareness techniques. After this, the instructor guides the practitioners through a body scan to help them relax inside the open awareness—feeling physical sensations, energy, emotions, and thoughts. Practitioners are then directed to focus on specific parts of the body, intensely and fully experiencing each & particular one. Following this, the focus shifts to the entire body as a whole. This process happens without crossing the threshold into sleep and promotes the harmonious integration of the entire organism.Practitioners often report feelings of heaviness or grounding, tranquility, and stillness. At this point, the instructor employs visualizations and guided imagery to deepen this state further. Returning to the initial intention and Sankalpa (positive affirmation) occurs multiple times throughout the process. Typically, fitness meditation sessions are not time-restricted and can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, with the average duration being around 30 minutes

Fitness meditation helps activate the relaxation response, which in turn enhances the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system and the endocrine system, affecting hormones. The practice reduces anxiety, boosts mood, and supports cell regeneration and recovery.

The benefits of fitness meditation are extensive. It consistently improves well-being, and effectively reduces physical stress and anxiety through deep relaxation and increased self-awareness. It nurtures self-confidence, helping individuals better understand their bodies. Dr. Richard Miller developed a program called iRest (Integrative Restoration), which is used for stress management and negative emotions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain. He introduced fitness meditation into non-traditional settings, including addiction centers, veteran clinics, Montessori schools, and homeless shelters. The remarkable variety of settings demonstrates that meditation sleep can benefit absolutely everyone. Fitness meditation, even when practiced briefly, is a form of self-care. When done correctly, it restores the nervous system, allowing individuals to experience profound relaxation. Fitness meditation has both immediate and cumulative effects, so the more it is practiced, the more noticeable and significant the results become

No, fitness meditation cannot replace sleep. However, when done correctly, it brings the body close to the state of sleep and helps explore consciousness while in a state of relaxation. Practicing fitness meditation before bedtime prepares the body to reach a deeper state of rest. This can help reduce the duration of rest while still enjoying all of the benefits of a longer sleep. Although fitness meditation doesn't substitute for sleep, one hour of fitness meditation for experienced practitioners is equivalent to four hours of sleep due to the brain waves generated during the session.

During the deactivation of consciousness with fitness meditation, practitioners sometimes fall asleep. This happens because, even though a person remains awake and conscious during the session, the meditation practice is in a state that resembles sleep, allowing them to feel relaxed, tranquil, and ready for rest. Falling asleep during the session is normal. However, maintaining consciousness at the edge of sleep provides a deeper effect. The more a person practices fitness meditation, the easier it becomes to sustain this state.

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